Curator’s Picks – Alaskan Dog Sled - National Postal Museum

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Nancy Pope, that dog sled is the best I saw at that muesum.Plus Ed Biederman is my great grandfather & Max Beck is my father.
I'm very happy the sled is at the muesum.
My sister & I came to Washington D.C last year & we had fun seeing everthing.

Tamara Kvanbeck

How did he train the alaskan dogs to carry n pull is quite a mystery.



These men were contract mail carriers. They did not stop to deliver mail along the way, nor did they deliver mail to people when they reached their destination. They turned the mail over to the local postmaster, who was then responsible for getting mail to his or her town. Depending on the weather, the Biedermans could make the trip in as little as 24 hours, or as long as 4 1/2 days.

Nancy Pope

How long would this journey take from beginning to end? and how many stops did they make if any? Also what routes did a mail carrier use when delivering mail?

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