Tracking Owney - National Postal Museum

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What a great little story about little Owney. It really put a smile on my face. I bet it really cheerd up the workers to have him around.

What an interesting story! Your work sounds very interesting, Rachel.

Rachel, Thank you for sharing your exciting semester in DC. I was actually in the historical post office building in 2007 with a delegation of museum managers from Russia. We met with NEA officials and walked to the top to look out over DC. Unfortunately, we did not visit the Postal Museum. Next time, I will remember to visit the NPM! How wonderful that the Smithsonian makes so much information accessible to all citizens through the internet. Enjoy your extraordinary opportunity to explore and share America's history with us!

I'm SO impressed with what you've discovered so far about Owney. It's a fun and fascinating story. I hope there will be an Owney stamp some day. Are any of the artifacts at the National Postal Museum ON stamps? Good luck with the research!

Interesting to read the blog about your experience at the museum. It is facsinating to read about "The Adventures of Owney". Maybe someday he will be on a stamp!
Barb Moorhead

Rachel, so interesting to read the tale of Owney! Wonderful for you to be doing this research in a very special place. Looking forward to more of his travels.

Rachel, what a wonderful opportunity! After working in the Postal industry for almost eight years, it was delightful to read some postal history! Makes me want to come and visit the Smithsonian!

Hey, Rachel! What an awesome part of postal history that I knew nothing about! "Owney" connected so many lives, and it's fascinating to learn of his travels. Best of luck as you continue on with your research of "Owney." I look forward to sharing in your adventure!

Rachel, what a wonderful opportunity you are having! How exciting that you're able to bring this little known story of Owney to light. Equally exciting is living in our nation's capitol for a semester under the amazing auspices of the Smithsonian. Keep up the good work!

Very interesting research. I, like the others, have never heard of Owney before. It is stories like this that make history so much fun.

Owney is kind of like a semi-prehistoric Flat Stanley(which will make no sense to anyone who doesn't know who Flat Stanley is!). Hope your internship continues to be doggone great!

Rachel, what a wonderful opportunity you are having this semester. It must be so very interesting learning all these trivia bits about our history. Ownie sounds like a great dog, I'm jealous, he has sure traveled much further than I. Never heard of him before, however, we have always called my older sister "Onie" her name is Leone. How interesting. Lorna Schamens

Pretty cool Rachel...this was fun to read.

The Pony Express had its horses, the Postal Service had this adorable dog! He must have been a source of excitement wherever he went. Great research!

Rachel, looks like you are really diving into this project! Keep up the good work on this interesting story.

Never realized that the Postal Service had a dog, got to keep up with the Fire Dept.

Good luck with the rest of your research! Did Owney ever come to Wisconsin?

Very interesting, I didn't realized the post office had a mascot. Thanks for sharing his story with us.

Owney is awesome! And I am glad to see you got a picture with Owney!

Who'd have thought a little dog would mean so much? Good luck finishing the puzzle.

The story of Owney brings the reader such interesting insight into life back in the 1800's. These are the type of facts that make history so very fascinating.

I'm excited to "meet" Owney and learn more about his travels in an upcoming visit to the Postal Museum! Thank you Ms. Barclay for your dedicated research.

What a cool story! I had never heard of Owney before, but now I am excited to visit the Postal Museum and learn more about this adventurous pup.

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