Upcoming Exhibition: “Mail Call” Opening Autumn 2011 - National Postal Museum

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Hi, this exhibit sounds very interesting. Two days ago, I just discovered a World War I letter home from a great-great uncle of mine to my great grandmother. He sent it from Camp Greene, North Carolina, in Dec 1917. It really gave me an insight into their family's life and a little of how the war effected them. They had just had a baby brother, and the question of naming him had been brought up, my uncle suggested naming him after his captain, and they did. It is a short letter but it really gave me an image of a moment in time for him. He was hoping a promised cake from another sister would arrive soon. It also led me to do some internet research and I learned interesting things about Camp Greene and saw old photo-postcards of the camp, which would have been like he saw it. Really neat.

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